Career in Zavgar Online

We create a civilized fleet management market

Why don't you join us?
Build an international company! We understand that it is possible to bring it to life only if every employee of the company is imbued with this idea! For this the team requires professional dreamers. We are growing rapidly, with the increase in the number of our clients, our corporate family also grows
Who are we looking for?
We do not care about your gender, nationality or age. When choosing, for almost all vacancies, there are two criteria:
- You must strive to do your job best
- You must develop constantly
Who do we do not want to see in the company?
Negative-minded people, whiners, people who are angry and hate others
What do we offer?
We understand that a person should be happy at work to be effective. A cool team, friendly and positive atmosphere in the office make people happy. Feedback from everyone in the team is very important to us! Any of your proposals will be considered, the best ones will be implemented as soon as possible!
What about career growth and self-realization?
It is necessary!
We grow future top managers and line managers within the company. A person striving for growth and development will be promoted without fail!
Open vacancies:
We will be glad to see you for an interview.
There we can discuss the project, its prospects and your role in it in detail.
We are waiting for your CV at