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Zavgar Online is a free mobile application, a part of the main service for fleet management. What are the main opportunities of this product?
Displaying a list of accessible vehicles with a service book, pictures of documents and the opportunity of quick adding of any options.
Quick search of information about any things
Notices about dates of maintenance, running repair or renewal of documents (insurance policies, driving licenses, etc.)
Quick adding of information about fuel purchases, additional expenses, odometer readings, transfer of information about independent urgent repair en route by drivers.
Pre-trip vehicle checks according to check lists.
There are Russian, Spanish and English versions of the aplication.
The mobile application is a small part of the Zavgar.Online functionality. Its global purpose of automation of all processes of operation of the commercial fleet. Automation and robot automation give significant economy. The Zavgar.Online's main task is work with cost per kilometer (motor hour) as the key fleet operation parameter.
Reducing operation costs by 10-40%
Control of operation costs
Accident prevention through timely maintenance
Online Service Book
What does look Zavgar.Online web version like?
This is a cloud (SAAS) solution. You should not install any equipment or software. A simple interface for entering data, integrations minimize manager's work
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