Software solution for management of dangerous goods trucks

Zavgar Online is an effective fleet management tool for the dangerous goods industry
Guaranteed reduction in operation cost
Strict fuel control
Strict correspondence of intervals
Full service history of the vehicle with spare part numbers and supplier contacts
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Suitable for business of any size
Does not require additional equipment (GPS, sensors, etc.)
Access to the system from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
Zavgar Online is an effective fleet management tool for the dangerous goods industry. In conditions of constant pressure from supervisory authorities, increasing requirements for transportation, as well as fierce competition, every ruble spent on fleet operation is important. When the market grew leaps and bounds, expenses were not considered. Sudden expenses and cash gaps overlapped with past profit. Now everything is different and most mechanics use the tools of the past: logbooks, notebooks, or at best Excel. We propose Zavgar Online for managers in the field of transportation of dangerous goods
For what types of equipment transporting dangerous goods is it suitable?
Fuel tankers
Fuel trucks
Gas carriers
In general, the system is suitable for absolutely any object (whether mobile or not) that requires maintenance.
Why do companies using Zavgar Online receive guaranteed reduction of maintainance cost by 30-50%?
Maintenance work
All routine maintenance of equipment is carried out on time, the deadlines prescribed by manufacturers are observed. As a result, there is no global breakdown or downtime.
Fuel control
Total fuel control is underway. Refueling data comes from three independent sources, the program compares the data and reveals inaccuracies and fraud attempts.
All equipment costs are kept in one place. A browser or mobile application, a couple of clicks and you get the whole service history. When installed it will show how much it costs, its article number, name of the supplier. Full transparency for both the current owner and an excellent tool for sale.
Timely alerts
The system remembers everything and reminds you. Forget about paying an "unofficial" fine due to the slovenliness of the driver, driver's license, insurance products will be replaced on time.
Full automation
90% of the routine manual work of transportation manager will be automated, i.e. performed without human intervention. It is time to focus on the essentials.
Software modules included in Zavgar Online
Reminders for an upcoming maintenance
Repair and Service Orders
Accounting and analysis of all fuel acquisition costs
Automate daily inspections
Accounting and analysis of all equipment operating costs
Monitoring the fact of maintenance
Online Service Book
Actual time tracking
Thanks to Zavgar Online, the total cost of 1 mile is reduced by 20-50%!
Integration with other services and software products
Integration with fuel card services
Integration with GPS vehicle monitoring systems
What does Zavgar.Online system look like?
Start Managing your fleet right now
You can try it for free.
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