Software package for efficient control of passenger vehicles

Reduction of operation costs by 10-40%
Guaranteed cost reduction
Control of fuel costs
Maintenance schedule monitoring
Electronic service book
Start driving now
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Suitable for businesses of all sizes
Does not require additional equipment (GPS, sensors, etc.)
Access to the system from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
Zavgar Online is software for efficient car fleet
management. Almost any company has cars. Managing this type of equipment is a piece of work, too.
What problems do car owners face?
Cashing in fuel cards, buying dodgy checks, refueling a personal car at the expense of the employer.
The driver negligence
"This car is not mine". This position should be broken.
Drivers and transportation managers forget to renew insurance, or to execute waybills.
Spare parts for cars are the most liquid items. In the absence of accounting 20-50% of the spare parts which did not fit are sold and money ends up in the pocket of transportion manager.
The main categories of businesses that use cars for their business:
Car sharing
Car rental
Government vehicles
In general, the system is suitable for any situation requiring maintenance.
As a result, the manager decided to sell car B and to dismiss the driver who drove it. The new car was leased, a key metric for the new driver and for all drivers was cost of 1 mile in Zavgar Online
What modules for managing passenger vehicles are used in Zavgar Online?
System of early maintenance reminders
Calculation and analysis of maintenance costs
Detailed fuel analysis and control
Daily inspections
Online service book
Actual time tracking
What results do owners of special equipment using Zavgar Online get?
Pre-trip inspections of equipment are fully automated
The inspection template for each type of equipment is digitized and now the inspection itself is carried out using a tablet or a smartphone. All identified shortcomings are automatically received by a group of mechanics and a work order is created. Technical downtime due to inability to identify problems before operation is reduced to zero. A constant analysis of the current state of technology is held.
Full automation of maintenance procedures
Every operation has been robotized as much as possible. Mechanics understand when it is necessary to carry out maintenance, what spare parts and consumables were used earlier. Managers have no problems due to downtime anymore. Absolutely each of the top managers of the company can get relevant information about operation cost of every unit and the fleet at any time.
Zavgar Online combines all fuel accounting systems
It analyzes presence of any anomalies and gives the opportunity to obtain actual data in an accessible form.
Labor productivity increases
Zavgar Online does 90% of routine manual work.
Thanks to Zavgar Online total cost per kilometer decreases by 20-50%!
Integration with other services and software products
Driving Assessment
Integration with GPS vehicle monitoring systems
What does Zavgar.Online look like?
Start managing your fleet right now
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