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Reduces hand work up to 80%
Reminds about the time of maintenance and renewal of documents
Helps take decisions based on figures
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What is fleet management? This question seems to be simple but the majority of fleet managers cannot give a clear answer. Unfortunately, absence of knowledge in this sphere and reluctance to study led to the fact that the process and the operation rules are behind time. We should say:
"It is impossible to remember everything"
Automation and robotization have become main assistants of any specialist in the XXI century. They take upon themselves everyday routine tasks and give the opportunity to live without stresses and the blame game.
As a fleet manager you know the following problems, surely:
Untimely maintenance
Expired insurance policies
You do not remember where spare parts were bought and their articles
A driver wrote about the problem but we got better things to do
I cannot find suppliers' contacts
The manager does not understand the volume of my work
There are little or nothing wizards among us. Most likely you have used the following to solve these problems:
The log
Records on paper are the common practice
A popular automation tool
It's a solution, but it’s pretty basic. The current head of the transport department is a man who keeps up with the times, a man who proves his effectiveness not in words, but in deeds. Proves its competence by numbers. Such a manager is much more expensive in the labor market and can communicate with top managers and business owners in their language. From the direct participant of the system. the operator becomes the observer and mentor, and a portion of the savings in the company will always go to increasing the income.
Returning to the original question about efficient fleet management
Based on the experience of a large number of companies around the world it is:
Constant work to reduce cost per kilometer of every vehicle
Timely maintenance but not repair
Selection of the most efficient parts on the basis of their life
Motivation of drivers for safe and economical driving
Receipt of key figures concerning the fleet by a double click
Zavgar.Online is software for effective fleet management
Its key benefits for those responsible for transport operations
Dashboards with key figures runtime
Summarized reports and their receipt
Real service history
Reminders concerning maintenance and renewal of documents
Online repair and maintenance
Warehouse of spare parts given for a vehicle
Control of pre-trial checks
Scans of documents for all vehicles in your smartphone
Tire accounting
All managers like counting money. What are results of the companies using Zavgar.Online?
Reduction of downtime up to 90%
Reduction of fuel expenses up to 30%
Reduction of expenses for spare parts and repair up to 30%
Digitalization and savings of time up to 50%
The total economic effect reaches 30% of operation cost. Calculate the sum of potential savings for your company! It's worth it, surely.
Reducing operation costs by 10-40%
Control of operation costs
Prevention of road accidents due to timely maintenance
Online Service Book
What does look Zavgar.Online web version like?
This is a cloud (SAAS) solution. You should not install any equipment or software. A simple interface for entering data, integrations minimize manager's work
Start management right now
Free. No limits. No installation of additional equipment