Zavgar Online - a program for monitoring routine maintenance (TO)

Set up a maintenance schedule and plan maintenance in advance
Control the actual costs of labor and maintenance parts
System of planning, reminders, accounting of actual performance
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Eliminate failures, pre-failure conditions and damage through timely maintenance
Zero implementation costs
Does not require additional equipment (GPS, sensors, etc.)
Access to the system from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
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Scheduled maintenance is a guarantee of long-term operation of equipment
When developing any vehicle, the manufacturer always determines all the routine maintenance, but often:
The timing of the work is seriously violated most often simply because of
There is no TO accounting program (everything is in the head, notebook or Excel file of the person responsible for transport)
Part of the work is not performed until 'until it breaks'
Service process is not taken seriously by mechanics and drivers
All this leads to the fact that the equipment is more often repaired than used. Only the owner of the company is most often interested in long-term operation. The real cost of operating each piece of equipment, a group of similar vehicles or the whole vehicle fleet is not known in fact by any head of the transport department. And all over the world, this indicator is a key KPI, which determines the suitability of the position. You can and should work with any indicator, but first you need to learn how to count them
A table file or a table, this is certainly great, but:
Let us again recall the human factor (forgot, wound up, once, quit, took offense, etc.)
Putting together tablets or leaflets is a time-consuming activity
It will be very difficult for the manager to verify the reliable data provided. No transparency
It was the control of the fact of maintenance and repairs that became the main headache according to the results of a survey of dozens of enterprises of various kinds. Failure to carry out scheduled maintenance on time, lack of daily technical inspections leads to long downtime of equipment caused by major overhauls. Downtime always hurts a company painfully and one should not forget how high the price of spare parts and repairs is today. The crises of recent years have taught us to think not only about increasing costs, but also about reducing costs. The heads of companies rarely delve into the costly part of the operation of the fleet.
Lack of 'transparency', any management tools to assess the quality of the work of both drivers and those responsible for transport
The manager needs to see several indicators, by looking at which he can easily assess the work. This is how the Zavgar Online software package works.
What are the main modules for monitoring scheduled maintenance performed by Zavgar Online?
Maintenance reminder system
Maintenance schedule
Effective maintenance planning
Control of maintenance costs
Supplier interaction module
Accounting for spare parts, consumables and spare parts
Electronic technical inspections of the vehicle
Automatic timing of the next maintenance
Detailed reports on all works and spare parts
Decrease in operating costs from 10 to 40%
Control of operating costs
Prevention of emergencies through timely maintenance
Service book online
What does Zavgar.Online system look like?
This is a cloud-based (SAAS) solution, you do not need to install any equipment on the equipment and any software on your computer to work. A simple interface for entering data, a large number of integrations, reduce the work of a transport manager to a minimum. The human factor is reduced, the most important thing is released - time
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