Gps tracking to fleet management . Integration car tracker into Zavgar.Online

Integration with GPS/GLONASS transport control systems
Real data from independent GPS/GLONASS telematic tracking
Support for popular GLONASS / GPS car tracker systems
Free. No limits.
No installation of additional equipment
Introduction costs - 0$
It does not require installation of additional equipment
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Free. No limits. No installation of additional equipment
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Commercialization of satellite systems and technological development of mobile communication at the turn of the 20th century has opened an absolutely new opportunity of transport GPS monitoring for the world. This service has received huge popularity around the world. Hundreds devices transmit telematic data. All companies declare cost reduction, efficient logistics, etc.
Solution of what business task does provide it?
Fuel theft
Use of transport to personal advantage
Non-efficient routes
Speed infringements
Aggressive driving
Online control

Based on the experience of other companies it can be said that the GPS car tracker tool is effective. But why this solution is insufficient for efficient fleet management?

Here we should talk to the users who installed a similar transport control system. We hold interviews all the time and nine of ten users could not give a clear answer about figures of real fuel or money saving based on real figures. Yes, they can receive a fuel consumption report but analysis of this data and comprehensive efforts for cost reduction is more difficult work. The second our question concerned fleet management. If the best happened we received the following answers.
Log records are our common practice
A popular automation tool
Log data and maintenance data will be kept there. Company managers said that they turn to is when they need information on fleer operation. Just imagine that it is the 21st century, people will fly to the Mars in the near future but accounting and management are made using paper and tables. If you have Zavgar.Online you do not fear retirement of your employees or imformation loss due to computer breakdown.
GPS systems are really good and effective but thousands cases of introductions show that fleet management is possible in conjunction with a good fleet management system only. Telematic systems deal with independent data collection but you should take managerial decisions on the basis of the Zavgar.Online cumulative information only.

What tasks Zavgar.Online does solve?
Reminders on maintenance intervals
Accounting of all operation costs
Контроль складских остатков
Repair and maintenance control
Control of spare parts' running life
Forming report by a double clock
What monitoring system indices can be loaded into Zavgar.Online thanks to integration?
Odometer readings. Every night odometer readings are automatically displayed in Zavgar.Online. Even if drivers, dispatchers and other employees do not fix readings of inspection, maintenance and fuel purchase GPS monitoring readings are added automatically. So no reminder will be overdue or forgotten and spare parts are ordered and your vehicle is registered for maintenance.
Actual volume of purchased fuel. It is one of key elements of the integration functionality. Fuel expenses are 50-80% of operation expenses. Fuel control is the main request of all our users. Fuel data fixed by fuel cards or manually is compared with fuel figures in the GPS monitoring system.
The purpose of this module is total struggle with all types of fuel theft. Withdrawal of cash from fuel cards, fueling of other vehicles, etc. will be revealed in a couple of clicks. Work with this functionality does not take up a lot of time. Report samples have been created. You can adjust an acceptable error of readings and to receive notices out of tolerance. Fuel control has never been so simple and effective.
Driving quality assessment. Unfortunately, not always drivers drive vehicles carefully. Hard braking and acceleration, speeding, lane changing increase the possibility of a road accident but raise operation costs. Increased fuel consumption, repair of the vehicle and increase in insurance policy price are sequences of bad driving. Zavgar Online receives accelerometer's readings and gyroscope's readings and rates it from 1 to 6. An experienced manager knows how to work with it.
What monitoring systems have been integrated into Zavgar.Online already?
What GPS monitoring systems have been integrated through data broadcasting?
What results do the companies which introduced the GPS monitoring + Zavgar.Online reach?
Control of operation costs
Prevention of accidents at the expense of timely maintenance
Reduction of operation cost by 10%-40%
Zavgar.Online appearance
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Free. No limits. No installation of additional equipment