Zavgar Online Partnership Program
Earn more by 60-80% from one site
Sell. Brand. Integrate
Give your Client not liters but money
Achieve a new utility level
Use the available client base
We are searching Partners who want to develop their businesses providing a really useful product. Up to 70% of information is loaded into Zavgar Online system automatically in conjunction with the transport monitoring system.
However, even if you do not have a business and Clients so far Zavgar Online provide all opportunities for a successful start of a business of your life bringing good income and giving pleasure.
For which business spheres partnership with Zavgar Online might be useful?
Integrators of GLONASS/GPS monitoring systems
Software and telematic equipment resellers and distributors
System integrators and providers
Installers of additional equipment
Tachograph workshops
Consulting companies
Manufacturers of telematic equipment and additional sensors
Service stations
In which regions we are searching partners?
Zavgar Online is an international project with users and Partners all over the world. Every market is specific and has specific features which we are ready for.
Which troubles the majority of companies offering software solutions for digitalization of their fleets meet?
Clients leave not seeing the value
Competition grows but proceeds do not.
The company sells the product like others. No exclusivity.
Competitors undercut.
There is a client database but they do not know how to earn additional income.
Income from every client decreases
How Zavgar Online can solve these problems and take the business to other level?
The key trend in fleet management is:
Neither liters, nor kilometers are important. Calculate your money.
Zavgar Online is an all-in-one SAAS platform to manage transport. Its key task is automation of the process of fleet operation. Iterational reduction of mileage cost and the utmost return of investment of the company's transport site is a valuable finished product.
The system receives the basic data from various services used in the company (GLONASS/GPS monitoring, fuel cards, the warehouse, etc.) by integration and import, added by information from drivers and mobile employees and receives minimum information from office workers. In case if the data supplier has his own API, Zavgar Online launches its robot imitating human work and takes the required data. Thanks to such automation everyday routine work is diminished and now only one worker manages to do work of three or four people.
Gradually a flow of non-structured information turns into background noise and the monitoring system turns into an interesting tracking tool that is useful without doubt. However, the mechanism of return of investments for introduction is not absolutely clear.
he telematic equipment give the opportunity to read many parameters of a vehicle but the human brain cannot process them right all the time, identify trends and abnormalities.
Which use from the Zavgar Online product Clients and Partners do receive?
Transport and logistics compose the vascular system of any business. During interviews with more than 1,000 companies from various economic spheres (mainly small and medium businesses) we have identified an abnormality — nine of ten managers continue to manage their fleets in the old fashion. At best it will be an Excel table but usually all people use paper notepads and logs.
Repair and maintenance records
Fuel control
Without being bound to your workplace
The system gives the opportunity to record all cases of maintenance and repair.
The system helps automatize control of fuel consumption.
The system reminds about all important events in the life of the vehicle (maintenance dates, prolongation of the insurance, the driver's birthday).
The system integrates with fuel cards services, monitoring systems, accounting programs for automation of up to 70% of all manual operations and protection against the human factor.
The system knows and shows the whole online vehicle history (maintenance, repairs, fueling, additional expenses, tickets, and troubles) in connection with the supplier and the responsible person.
The system allows managing fleet operation from any place all over the world from any device connected to the Internet.
For example, the real total cost cutting of a food distributor having 35 vehicles amounted 30%. Focus your attention at:
The possibility to evaluate the financial results before and after introduction of the product is a huge advantage of the system. It is enough to make one report — operation cost.
Accounting of absolutely all vehicle operation costs;
Integration with fuel cards. Change of the supplier and saving of 2% only at the expense of selection of the best vendor and figure-based negotiations;
Standardization of routine pre-trip vehicle check;
Introduction of warehouse accounting of spare parts including reserve spare parts for vehicles;
Selection of the driving manner for the least fuel consumption;
Preparation of a vehicle maintenance schedule, wholesale purchase of the main spare parts and consumables with the best run life;
Sale of all vehicles with Diesel engines and purchase of vehicles with methane engines (saving is 4 roubles per kilometer);
How do Partners cash on Zavgar Online?
The product will be distributed all over the world through Partners. Cooperation with us gives you the following advantages:
Deep integration with the data of transport monitoring systems in a key advantage of Zavgar Online.
You cannot make a deal with the navigation block and the software. A manager sees the real picture of the world and Zavgar Online transfers liters and kilometers into money.
White label
Translation into any language (a module for translators has been created)
Integration with the largest local networks of fuel stations and other data suppliers
Thanks to our solution the Partner strengthens significantly his market proposal, acts as an expert in reduction of transport costs and increases the so called transfer cost. And he receives a quite good remuneration. Using the current client base they can earn additionally 50-80% from each vehicle of their fleet.
The cluster GLONASS/GPS block + the telematic platform + transport management system demonstrates its efficiency. Excluding although one element we either increase the number of manual operations, or receive a big number of data using which it is impossible to take decisions.

The quality of the data received from navigation is critically important as well. Focus on distribution of the product is explained by the fact that the adjusted equipment transferring important for the Client data gives the Client the opportunity to keep his finger on the pulse.
Which languages Zavgar Online has been translated?
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