About fleet soft Zavgar Online

Zavgar Online is a simple software product for corporate fleet management
1000 +

Number of clients
It works in thirty two countries
4 continents, 3 languages
2011 - Year of foundation
10 years in fleet management
What is a transparent service as we see it?
We manufacture a product that we are proud of.
We appreciate our clients. They are at the top of the imaginary pyramid of our company values and we take all measures to ensure that they recommend us to their friends.
Work with feedback
Hundreds of surveys to identify weak points + regular work with feedback = a product created by software developers and people on the front line (garage managers, top managers and owners).
This product has been developed not for computer geeks only. It was created for common users. it has a simple interface and the most powerful features.
The dream team
We believe that outstanding people can create an outstanding product. We are constantly looking for such people and create all the conditions for their career development.
We manufacture the best transportation management software product, challenging time and technology. Zavgar Online will change the drivers' attitude to corporate vehicles.
We are always glad to see you!
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