Zavgar Online affiliate program

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What is Zavgar Online?
Zavgar Online is a corporate vehicle fleet management system. Its goal is to reduce the cost of operating commercial vehicles. It:
Repair and maintenance accounting
Allows you to keep a record of all services and repairs
Will remind you of all important events in the life of the vehicle (maintenance, insurance renewal, driver's birthday)
Knows and displays in real time the entire history of the vehicle (all maintenance and repairs, refueling, additional costs, fines, problems encountered). Everything is linked to the supplier and the responsible
Fuel control
Helps automate the process of monitoring fuel consumption
Integrates with fuel card services, monitoring systems, accounting programs to automate up to 70% of all manual operations, as well as to protect against the human factor
Allows you to manage the operation of the vehicle fleet from anywhere in the world, from any device with Internet access
What size and character businesses can Zavgar Online offer?
To absolutely everyone. Any object requiring maintenance and repair can be entered into the system. It doesn't matter if he is mobile or not. Companies are constantly evolving and be sure that even those initially listed for a free tariff will soon grow to the maximum immersion of the product in their business processes. There are more and more hoteliers, for this we need hands on the ground.
An affiliate program will definitely suit you if:
You are young, energetic and always dreamed of opening your own business
There is already a business in the field of automation and you are always looking for new directions of development
There is a business in the automotive sector and additional. service is what you need
What categories of companies can offer Zavgar Online to their customers tomorrow?
GPS vehicle tracking integrators
Partners in the implementation of integrated automation
Tachographic workshops
Service stations
Leasing companies
Insurance companies
Commercial vehicle parts sellers
Fuel card processing services
Integrators of other accounting systems for business
Internet portals and magazines writing about commercial vehicles
Training centers graduating mechanics
How do partners earn on Zavgar Online?
Basic implementation
Just monthly income up to 40% during the entire cooperation with the Client
IT implementation under the client's technical specification
If the standard functionality is not enough, you can add it with your own team. 100% income
Consulting effective fleet management
Here double income, up to 40% for the product and 100% for consulting
Recommendations and referral links
We just need to know that the Client came from you. Income up to 40% during the entire cooperation
How to start?
Fill in registration data
Take remote training, take the test and get a certificate
Attract Clients and receive applications for implementation from us
Earn money by building a 'green' business in an exciting area
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